A circulation controlled airfoil has a body structure with leading and trailing ends and upper and lower surfaces extending therebetween, and a cylindrical member disposed along the trailing end of the body structure between the upper and lower surfaces thereof so as to form a rounded, blunt trailing edge surface on the airfoil. A first blowing jet slot is defined between the outer surface of the cylindrical member and the trailing end of the body structure adjacent its upper surface. A second blowing jet slot is defined in a tubular wall of the cylindrical member. The latter member can be rotated to vary the distance of the second jet slot from the first jet slot and thereby adjust the point of separation of air flow along the airfoil from the outer surface of the blunt trailing edge surface formed by the cylindrical member. In such manner the lift generated by the airfoil can be optimized by providing blowing that is specifically tailored to given flight conditions. Also, the separate plenums are provided for supplying air flow to the respective jet slots.

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