A multicarrier modulation position determination method that includes deploying at least one known receiver with a known location and a second receiver with an unknown location. At least two signals of opportunity with different locations are obtained by both the receiver and the second receiver. The signals having a plurality of block data, the block data having block boundaries. The block boundaries including a beginning block boundary and an end block boundary. The block data further including a cyclic prefix at the beginning block boundary. Acquiring a plurality of data samples for at least a portion of the block data and correlating the attained signal of opportunity between the receivers. The correlating process includes the calculation of a time difference of arrival between the known receiver and the second receiver. The time difference of arrival is calculated by aligning the block boundaries and computing a single scalar statistical feature associated with each block. The location of the second receiver is calculated by using a plurality of single scalar statistical features.

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US 8072383 B2 [ 8,072,383 ]

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