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We present a method to generate any genuine electromagnetic partially coherent source (PCS) from correlated, stochastic complex screens. The method described here can be directly implemented on existing spatial-light-modulator-based vector beam generators and can be used in any application which utilizes electromagnetic PCSs. Our method is based on the genuine cross-spectral density matrix criterion. Applying that criterion, we show that stochastic vector field realizations (corresponding to a desired electromagnetic PCS) can be generated by passing correlated Gaussian random numbers through “filters” with space-variant transfer functions. We include step-by-step instructions on how to generate the electromagnetic PCS field realizations. As an example, we simulate the synthesis of a new electromagnetic PCS. Using Monte Carlo analysis, we compute statistical moments from independent optical field realizations and compare those to the corresponding theory. We find that our method produces the desired source—the correct shape, polarization, and coherence properties—within 600 field realizations.


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