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Partial ๐›พ-ray production cross sections and the total radiative thermal-neutron capture cross section for the 185Re(n,๐›พ)186Re reaction were measured using the Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis facility at the Budapest Research Reactor with an enriched 185Re target. The 186Re cross sections were standardized using well-known 35Cl(n,๐›พ)36Cl cross sections from irradiation of a stoichiometric natReCl3 target. The resulting cross sections for transitions feeding the 186Re ground state from low-lying levels below a cutoff energy of Ec=746keV were combined with a modeled probability of ground-state feeding from levels above Ec to arrive at a total cross section of ฯƒ0=111(6)b for radiative thermal-neutron capture on 185Re. A comparison of modeled discrete-level populations with measured transition intensities led to proposed revisions for seven tentative spin-parity assignments in the adopted level scheme for 186Re. Additionally, 102 primary ๐›พ rays were measured, including 50 previously unknown. A neutron-separation energy of Sn=6179.59(5)keV was determined from a global least-squares fit of the measured ๐›พ-ray energies to the known 186Re decay scheme. The total capture cross section and separation energy results are comparable to earlier measurements of these values.


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