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Ablation of titanium wafers in air is accomplished with 60 µs pulsed, 2.94 µm laser radiation. Titanium monoxide spectra are measured in the wavelength range of 500 nm to 750 nm, and molecular signatures include bands of the C3 Δ → X3 Δ α, B3 Π → X3 Δ γ', and A3 Φ → X3 Δ γ transitions. The spatially and temporally averaged spectra appear to be in qualitative agreement with previous temporally resolved studies that employed shorter wavelengths and shorter pulse durations than utilized in this work. The background signals in the current study are possibly due to particulate content in the plume. A chemical kinetic model of the plume is being developed that will be coupled to a diatomic emission model in order to extract a molecular temperature from the observed spectra.


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Journal of Physics: Conference Series