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This work identifies analytical lines in laser-induced plasma for chemical analyses of major elements found in surrogate nuclear debris. These lines are evaluated for interferences and signal strength to insure they would be useful to measure relative concentrations. Compact, portable instruments are employed and can be included as part of a mobile nuclear forensics laboratory for field screening of nuclear debris and contamination. The average plasma temperature is measured using the well-established Boltzmann plot technique, and plasma's average electron density is determined using empirical formulae based on Stark broadening of the H-alpha line. These measurements suggest existence of partial local thermal equilibrium.


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Shattan, M. B., Auxier, J. D., Stowe, A. C., & Parigger, C. G. (2019). Laser-
Induced Plasma Analysis for Surrogate Nuclear Debris. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 1289, p. Article 012040).

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series