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Examining a biological flapping-flight mechanism as a mechanical system provides valuable insight related to the development and construction of Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicles (FWMAVs). Insects provide excellent candidates for this reverse-engineering, and one species in particular, the hawkmoth Manduca sexta, stands out as an exceptional model. Engineers with FWMAV aspirations can benefit greatly from knowledge of M.sexta's advanced yet deceptively simple flight mechanism. Avenues for investigating this mechanism include finite element modeling, nanoindentation for material properties, and mechanical power output calculations or measurement. This paper presents these concepts and reviews existing literature to provide a platform for ongoing FWMAV research and design.


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Hollenbeck, A. C., & Palazotto, A. N. (2012). Methods Used to Evaluate the Hawkmoth (Manduca Sexta) as a Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicle. International Journal of Micro Air Vehicles, 4(2), 119–132.

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International Journal of Micro Air Vehicles