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Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Department of Operational Sciences

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Daniel D. Mattioda, PhD.


This study investigated options to improve 21A training and education by first validating the Air Force's logistics mission sets as Deployment, Distribution, Supply Management, Repair Network Integration, Mission Generation, Lifecycle Logistics and Joint Logistics. Then, the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) considered important to execute each mission set were gathered from a representative sample of Air Force Logistics Officers via field interviews and focus groups. An analysis of results categorizes probable needs (high, medium, low) of KSAs for each mission set and assesses how well they are currently taught, if at all. Additionally, lists of KSAs that overlap multiple mission sets were created along with process options for integrating them into training and education. Based on a discussion of the synergistic effects on acquiring these KSAs, it is also recommended that the Logistics Readiness Squadron be realigned under a common group at the operational wing with the rest of the Logistics Units (presently the Maintenance Group). Finally, a career tracking model is proposed to deliberately build experts in strategic 21A career paths, which this study identifies as Career Maintenance Officers, Air Force Materiel Managers and Joint Logistics Officers.

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