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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Christian E. Randall, PhD.


USAF Logistics Readiness Officers (LRO) operate in an evolving environment which necessitates growing multi-faceted LROs capable of succeeding across all mission sets. Because of this evolving nature, the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) needed in these mission sets may have changed. This study sought to validate the mission sets an LRO operates in, identify critical KSAs needed within each, discover overlap, and to determine if the KSAs are being adequately taught. The problem was addressed through qualitative content analysis of interviews and focus groups comprised of logistics practitioners in the Air Force. Analysis led to validating Deployment, Distribution, Materiel Management, Life Cycle, and Joint Logistics as mission sets an LRO operates in. These mission sets are comprised of 60 critical KSAs, and 75 percent span multiple mission sets. The USAF can take advantage of this overlap by consolidating redundant courses that have overlapping KSA content, and by restructuring others to include any KSAs not being taught. Analysis also suggests the USAF must do a better job educating its logisticians in business acumen and process improvement. In doing so, LROs will be better equipped to mitigate the effects of the environment and persevere during this challenging time.

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