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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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William F. Bailey, PhD.


Single surface multipactor in high power microwave systems was investigated computationally and analytically. The research focused upon understanding the cause and parametric dependence of the multipactor process leading to suggested methods of mitigation. System damage due to reaction was also assessed. All simulations were performed using the PIC code developed by AFRL, known as ICEPIC. In recreating the susceptibility curves that define regions of multipactor growth and decay, a discrepancy was found between previous published results and those observed in the current simulation. This was attributed to previous simulations not accounting for the magnetic component in the electromagnetic radiation incident on the dielectric window. By surveying different static magnetic and electric fields both parallel and perpendicular to the dielectric, revised susceptibility curves were determined. An analytic method confirmed the origin of the discrepancy. The reflection of the waveguided radiation by the multipactor electrons degrades the output and may damage the microwave source. A theory for the reflection resulting from multipactor was derived to aide in quantifying reflection. A plane wave was used to model incoming microwave radiation and the amplitude of the electric field in reflected and transmitted waves was measured for various frequencies of the incident plane wave.

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