Anum Barki

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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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Ronald F. Tuttle, PhD.


Kinematics of the human body was researched for the purposes of this study. The force protection issues of today was the motivation to research pattern recognition in the human gait cycle to identify individuals carrying a concealed load on their body. The goal of this research was to identify gait signatures of human subjects and distinguish between subjects carrying a concealed load to subjects without load. Thus, this research was focused on studying the human gait cycle as well as methods used in identifying gait signatures. The main focus herein is concerned with the movement of the lower extremities, in particular, the placement of the foot and how the joint angles area affected with carrying extra load on the body. A method of Inverse Kinematics (IK) using Groebner Basis (GB) Theory is developed to a model of the lower extremities to determine all the solutions of the joint angles, given the position and orientation of the foot. The human gait cycle was captured and analyzed using a VICON Motion capture system. This research highlights the results obtained from applying the method of IK, using GB, to the lower limbs of a human gait cycle to extract and identify gait signatures.

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Optics Commons