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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Peter J. Collins, PhD.


After several years of development, the AFIT Noise Radar Network (NoNET) has proven to be an extremely versatile system for many standard radar functions. This pallet of capabilities includes through the wall target tracking capabilities due to its wide bandwidth and UHF operations. Utilizing White Gaussian Noise as its waveform, the NoNET can operate at much lower power levels than other comparable systems while remaining extremely covert. In an effort to explore new applications, the question arose could the NoNET provide a viable option for navigation capability in GPS denied and indoor environments? This research aims to provide proof of concept and demonstration of the navigation function execution with the NoNET in indoor, multipath-ridden environments. Results demonstrate that the NoNET is currently capable of locating a receiver to accuracies of approximately 1 foot. Multipath, background RF interference, and network timing were investigated and solutions to mitigate the limitations imposed by each were developed with the potential to significantly improve accuracy. Future upgrades to the current NoNET hardware package were also investigated in order to provide a near real-time, portable solution to navigation in GPS denied environments.

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