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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Milo W. Hyde IV, PhD.


A new method for characterization of unknown targets using passive multispectral polarimetric imagery is presented. Previous work makes use of a pBRDF derived equation for the degree of linear polarization and with the aid of measurements at multiple incident angles estimates refractive index and reflection angle. This work uses known incident and reflection angles along with dispersion equations and polarimetric data at multiple wavelengths to recover the index of refraction. Although imagery is collected with a division of time polarimeter and a spectral filter wheel in iterative, manual steps, the new algorithm could be applied to any set of registered multispectral polarimetric images most notably those produced by a recently introduced division of focal plane multispectral polarimetric sensor. Experimental results are presented showing the novel algorithm's ability to classify and characterize a range of materials.

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