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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Douglas Hodson, PhD.


One of the challenges in a distributed virtual environment stems from the requirement to simultaneously execute the simulations in realtime to support human interaction, in conjunction with maintaining a consistent view of the shared simulated environment. Maintaining a consistent set of simulation state data in the presence of network latency is difficult if individual data items are updated frequently. The principle application of DIS-based simulation environments has been in the domain of training where a consistent view or its correctness is often judged in subjective terms such as the simulation looking and feeling correct. New application areas for these systems are emerging in the analysis and test domains. For these domains, quantifying shared state consistency in terms of overall distributed application architecture is desirable. This research effort will investigate and validate methods to calculate and measure the latency effects that consider the structure of the applications themselves. Additional latencies introduced due to the software architecture may significantly affect the consistency of the simulation. An improved understanding is beneficial to the Air Force where real-time distributed simulations used for the purpose of analyzing the systems they simulate and the support of live test events.

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