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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Robert Greendyke, PhD.


Technology and size constraints have limited the development of the end game mechanisms of today's modern military weapons. A smaller, more efficient means of powering these devices is needed, and explosive pulsed power devices could be that answer. While most prior research has been in the experimental field, there is a need for more theory-based research and a computer modeling capability. The objective of this research was to use experimental data collected by the US Army at Redstone Arsenal from their ferroelectric generator (FEG) design in combination with the ALEGRA-EMMA code to develop a computer model that can accurately represent an FEG and that can be verified against experimental data and used to predict future experiments. While the ALEGRA code is not capable of simulating the breakdown phenomenon seen in the open circuit cases, the model can accurately reproduce the peak values for the current but has problems reproducing the peak values for the voltage. Overall, the developed model provides a good baseline simulation capability that can be used as a springboard for future development with further research.

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