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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Brandon M. Lucas, PhD.


There is currently a shortage of field grade officers within the United States Air Force’s Financial Management and Cost Analysis (65Fx/65Wx) career field. A questionnaire was distributed to all officers within the career field (N = 618) in order to identify the values and career intentions of the career field’s current officer workforce. Constructs such as organizational commitment, burnout, and perceived availability of civilian job opportunities were analyzed to determine their impacts on an officer’s turnover intentions. Demographics such as commissioning source, current job type, current job location, and time in service were also analyzed to see how they may impact long-term career intentions. Results of this survey indicated that first lieutenants expressed the lowest desire to serve for at least 20 years, had the highest levels of burnout, and the lowest organizational commitment levels. The research team also analyzed whether or not a significant difference exists between officers who have completed the Air Force Institute of Technology’s Graduate Cost Analysis (GCA) program and officers who have not completed the program – in terms of burnout, organizational commitment, and perceived availability of job alternatives. No significant differences were found between the two groups of 65Fx/65Wx officers.

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