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Master of Science in Engineering Management


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Jason K. Freels, PhD.


The excess capacity found in the Department of Defense real property portfolio creates challenges for leaders to provide resilient installations. Combining this fact with current funding trends makes decisions on how to properly maintain infrastructure even more challenging. The Air Force Partnership Initiative provides tools for installations to leverage community capabilities and resources to achieve savings and improve quality on Air Force installations and can reduce the real property footprint. This research proposes a method for assessing the viability of a partnership between Air Force installations and their nearby communities.
This research effort created a tool capable of investigating off-base communities and discovering partnership opportunities worthy of exploration by nearby Air Force installations. The scope of this research will be limited to exploring library partnership opportunities at Air Force installations located in the Continental United States. This research investigates the facilitators, or environmental factors, to identify where greater opportunities for creating partnerships may exist. The result of this research is a tool which produces a relative measure for each off-base community, where higher values indicate a greater potential for partnerships. This relative measure utilizes inverse distance weighting between an installation and each service location in the surrounding community.

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