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Master of Science in Cost Analysis


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Clay M. Koschnick, PhD.


The Air Force is a rapid mobile force responsible for national defense and reaction to calls for humanitarian aid across the globe. Rapid Global Mobility is a major tenant of the Air Force strategy. It provides the nation its global reach, underpins its role as a global power, and ensures that tomorrow, just as today, the United States can respond quickly and decisively to unexpected challenges to its interests. The ability to produce or acquire potable water is an essential piece of this tenant. Reverse Osmosis Water Purifications Units (ROWPUs), the workhorse for all military units, provide all the necessary capability but do so at an extraordinary capital and ownership costs. A 1500-gal per hour rated ROWPUs requires a dedicated 60kW generator, frequent element and disposable filter replacement, as well as regular overhauls at cost of nearly $40K per unit per occurrence. Developing LED UV technology are expected to make purification systems more robust, efficient, and cheaper than ever before. This research investigates UV LED emerging technology to see if it exists as a near term more cost effective alternative.

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