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Master of Science in Operations Research


Department of Operational Sciences

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Richard F. Deckro, PhD.


Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) play a vital role in present day operations due their asset capability and ability to reduce risk to pilots’ lives. A complex supply chain network capable of producing and integrating all raw materials, components, sub- systems, and systems supports the successful acquisition of a UAS. Such a complex network is supported by vital supply chain decisions. Two important decisions regarding supply chain design include supplier selection and optimal flow of material and product Whether a decision maker wishes to design or interdict a supply chain, the methodology developed in this thesis provides a suite of tailorable models to facilitate these vital decisions. Linear programming and generalized network flow models that incorporate goal programming are developed to integrate the decision maker’s priorities. In addition a targeting matrix employing a House of Quality approach is developed to provide an interdiction planning team with a decision support tool that facilitates interdiction strategy planning. Overall, the different models developed in the study provide modeling flexibility. The incorporation of goal programming into supply chain network design an interdiction allows decision makers to effectively frame their supply chain decisions.

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