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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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William E. Wiesel Jr., PhD.


Space is becoming increasingly congested as more objects are launched into orbit. The potential for a collision on orbit increases each time a new object enters space. This thesis presents a methodology to determine an optimal direction to maneuver a satellite that may be involved in a potential collision. The author presents a paradigm to determine the optimal direction of maneuver to achieve the lowest probability of collision, and examines how different magnitudes of a maneuver will affect the probability of collision. The methodology shows that if a satellite maneuvers in the optimal direction at any time during the orbit, except incremental periods and half periods, the probability of collision is reduced to a negligible amount. This provides a means to determine a maneuver direction and magnitude that will remove satellites from the potential collision area, while minimizing the resources necessary and maintaining mission quality.

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