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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Alfred E. Thal, PhD.


Insulated Concrete Forms are a block style construction material more typically comprised of expanded polystyrene which fit together and are filled with reinforced concrete to construct the exterior wall systems of a building. By design, this material provides a higher level of insulation and greater structural integrity that stands up to damaging winds, fire, and explosive blasts. This study shows that utilizing this material is not the most cost effective material choice when constructing new facilities, however, it does reduce energy consumption and contributes towards total energy reduction goals established by the Department of Defense. This study also showed there are multiple barriers preventing increased use of Insulated Concrete Forms to include a lack of knowledge of the advantages of this material, a resistance to change from more traditional materials, and to some degree the increased initial cost of utilizing this material. This study concludes there is merit in considering Insulated Concrete Forms for use in sustainable military construction.

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