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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Richard K. Martin, PhD.


The aim of this research is to demonstrate and evaluate the ability to eavesdrop and interfere with orthogonal frequency division multiple access-down link (OFDMA-DL) signal features utilising Wireless Open Access Research Platform (WARP) boards. The OFDMA-DL waveforms have been developed with 64 sub carriers and have guards and pilots as comparable to the 802.11a WiFi standard. An eavesdropper/interferer (ExJx) is used to estimate signal features, remotely gaining intelligence without alerting the communication system. This research also demonstrates how estimated signal features can be used to interfere with an established communication system. Methods used to perform the signal feature estimation exploit the cyclostationary nature of the OFDMA-DL waveform, with higher order cumulants utilised to classify modulation schemes. To assess the ability of the ExJx system to eavesdrop (Ex), Communication Battle Damage Assessment (CBDA) techniques are used. To assess the ability of the ExJx system to interfere (Jx), Jamming Battle Damage Assessment (JBDA) techniques are used.

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