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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Willie F. Harper, PhD.


The Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document (OEBGD) establishes the baseline environmental standards for United States (U.S.) forces operating overseas and is the template for the development of Environmental Final Governing Standards (FGS). FGS are required at any long-term U.S. installation and set the standard of environmental compliance for U.S. forces in each individual country. The purpose of this research is to analyze the FGS of different countries and compare their requirements to the OEBGD requirements. The individual FGS were scored according to if sections were more stringent, less stringent or the same as the OEBGD. The countries analyzed were then plotted in a model of environmental performance and governance called the Lester Model. The Lester Model categorizes the countries according to their environmental performance and governance scores. While the results did not indicate that a country's position in the Lester Model has a strong relationship with the overall strictness of the FGS, the analysis did identify a number of mistakes in the FGS. The mistakes found ranged from spelling errors to formatting mistakes to inconsistent references.

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