Titus J. Lee

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Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Mark F. Reeder, PhD


Although jet interaction in the context of attitude control for aircraft and air weapons have been investigated for a variety of conditions and geometries, the knowledge base for their use with hypersonic vehicles is far more limited. The objective of the present investigation is to characterize the jet interaction effects in a Mach 3.9 freestream in the AFIT Small Supersonic Wind Tunnel using schlieren flow visualization and a 6-degree of freedom balance. A 7° aluminum cone was attached to the balance while air was injected through a stainless-steel tube, which was separately supported without any contact with the cone body in order to isolate the interaction from the jet thrust. Once the freestream flow was established, a valve was operated to allow the jet to exit the tube normal to the surface of the cone near where a fin might be mounted. The force balance detected the change in force components acting on the cone before and after the jet was introduced, thus quantifying the interaction. A linear increase with jet stagnation pressure of interaction for the side and axial forces was found.

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