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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Alfred E. Thal, PhD.


A recent study assigned a grade of D+ on the nation's public infrastructure. Because of this poor asset condition, many organizations tend to respond to maintenance in a reactive mode; however, relying on corrective maintenance leads to increased maintenance costs due to unplanned downtime, increased labor costs, and inefficient use of personnel. To address this situation, asset management (AM) principles should be employed to transition organizations towards a proactive maintenance program. Unfortunately, it has been shown that two-thirds of the organizations failed to implement general change efforts. Therefore, an organizational change management framework should be followed to implement a change that will successfully transition organizations from reactive to proactive maintenance. This research effort focuses on building the framework for a change message to help Air Force decision-makers implement new Information Technology (IT) that addresses key AM principles such as asset condition and remaining service life. A Delphi study was utilized to elicit expert field knowledge on facility maintenance and respective IT. Results from the study, combined with literature guidance, helped formulate a change message to implement BUILDER™ to enable a proactive maintenance paradigm.

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