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Master of Science in Computer Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Mark G. Reith, PhD


As the threat of near-peer adversaries has increased, the DoD has increased its emphasis on Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO). This emphasis on JADO highlights the need for hands-on training that can engage military members at all levels. The serious game Battlespace Next (BSN) was designed to teach high-level JADO concepts by modeling real-world military assets in the context of a strategic card game. To keep pace with the evolving landscape of warfare as well as fit the needs of a variety of Department of Defense (DoD) communities, this research introduces the Battlespace Next Education Framework (BSNEF). The BSNEF allows JADO instructors to create their own versions of BSN based on their unique learning objectives (LOs). The framework and supporting web application were developed to provide a flexible and engaging tool for instructors to design games that effectively teach JADO concepts. The framework was evaluated through surveys and case studies to determine its flexibility and usefulness. The survey responses and case studies suggested the BSNEF could significantly reduce the time required for creating customized JADO games.

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