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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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John S. Brewer, PhD


This research characterized the performance of a fiber metal laminate composed of carbon fiber and stainless steel without film adhesive and compared it to a similar, previously tested, fiber metal laminate including film adhesive. Removal of the adhesive layers reduced the localized thickness, simplified manufacturing, and allowed for a 20% increase in foil thickness. Quasi-static testing was conducted in double shear, single shear protruding, and single shear countersunk configurations. The results were compared to adhesive hybrid and control samples. To study the affects of bolt tension, samples at low torque in double shear were also tested. Progressive failure samples revealed how damage in the hybrid propagated and what failures resulted in key features of the stress-strain curve. A finite element model was developed and accuracy within 5% was achieved compared to experimental results. The model was then compared to progressive failure samples to validate the behavior of the model. The non-adhesive hybrid showed a up to a 10% increase in ultimate strength compared to the adhesive hybrid and as much as 41% in ultimate strength compared to the control samples. Buckling of the foils in the non-adhesive hybrid was the dominating failure mechanism in all test configurations.

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