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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Tay W. Johannes, PhD.


Total force integration (TFI)--the operational linking of geographically proximate active duty (AD) and air reserve component (ARC) units with similar missions--has become a prevalent method for greater utilization of ARC forces to reduce operating costs. This research examines TFI implementation in Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron, Engineers (RED HORSE), a subset of Air Force civil engineering, in terms of the outcomes units receive from being in a TFI initiative, what factors contribute to causing those outcomes, and how those outcomes may be improved by manipulating the contributing factors. Four cases of RED HORSE TFI were studied using case study research methods and focusing on textual analysis of structured interviews with twenty senior RED HORSE members. The research identified prevailing outcomes, as well as whether the AD unit, ARC unit, or RED HORSE enterprise received each outcome, prominent factors, as well as the type of outcomes associated with those factors. Manipulating internal factors such as attitudes and enterprise-level management engagement may result in increased benefits and reduced disbenefits from RED HORSE TFI initiatives and may be applicable to other areas of the previously unstudied field of TFI in combat support organizations.

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