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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Lance E. Champagne, PhD


Advancements in modern IADS have bolstered A2AD environments and subsequently degraded the advantages that the Air Force once held, prompting a call to reform the nature of warfare in order to challenge these threats. A solution is weapon swarming technology, which has the ability to overwhelm IADS by engagement of a large numbers of low-cost, but lethal air assets that have autonomous functionalities. This research proposes the application of a four dimensional framework for autonomy to a swarm of cruise missiles. A virtual A2AD environment of two opposing forces is constructed using the AFSIM, wherein a manned bomber seeks to penetrate into an enemy IADS. The manned bomber will then release a swarm of autonomous cruise missiles in order to compete within the battle space. Analysis of the experimental results show that autonomy is significant at a 95% level of confidence towards all measures of effectiveness. The ability for intra-swarm communication provides the largest benefit to both offensive and defensive performance of the swarm, most notably with 51.9% increase in the swarm’s capacity to detect and destroy new threats.

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