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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Brigham A. Moore, PhD


United States Air Force (USAF) bases are key power projection platforms that ensure mission readiness and help bring humanitarian aid to locations in need. Recovering airfields after attack or natural disaster is a key mission of USAF civil engineers, and accomplishing this repair as swiftly as possible is key to maintaining our position in the global order. Accomplishing a disaster recovery project is a set of teams, each assigned to a specific task, and made up of a series of personnel. The question answered within this paper is: how do we match the right person with the appropriate skills to the right team at the most advantageous time? And then how do we use these teams to accomplish the tasks that need to be done in a way that minimizes the overall project time? In this paper, I answer these questions using a multiple knapsack approach to optimize overall project time using personnel capability to modify project time. I found that highly capable personnel are preferred in the model over less or moderately capable personnel. I conclude that specific and regular skill training should be conducted at the unit level to increase capability of personnel at disaster recovery skills; this will lead to a more effective disaster recovery effort.

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