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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Brandon M. Lucas, PhD


The Air Force launched “Cloud One” in 2017. Cloud One provides cloud computing options for military applications. Cloud One provides common secure computing environments, standardized platforms, application migration and support services, and data management. Currently, Cloud One has over one hundred mission applications on board. Although there is information on the cost, performance, personnel requirements, risks, and migration of the commercial sector and cloud options, there is limited recorded information on the same topics for Cloud One. As such, there is a gap in the literature regarding data/feedback for mission applications that have migrated to Cloud One. This research takes a qualitative approach using the Grounded Theory method to analyze six Air Force mission applications questionnaire responses and interview comments. The research team asked the representatives questions about the status quo before migration, experiences during migration, and migration results. This research will serve to inform decision-makers making the transition and provide feedback to the Cloud One team from those in the field. The results of this research highlight three focus areas for Cloud One migration improvement: organizations should hire cloud-specific personnel to assist with migration and post-migration, Cloud One should collaborate with mission applications to provide access to their particular required communication endpoints (ports) outside of their default communication endpoint (port 443), and stakeholders should discuss the separation of responsibilities and ownership of risk before migration.

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