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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Trevor Sleight, PhD


The United States continues to face problems of a reduction in quality and quantity of groundwater sources because water extraction exceeds natural source recharge. The Air Force has recognized the importance of these groundwater sources but has put minimal effort into determining their contribution to the depletion of these sources. The purpose of this study is to determine this contribution by determining whether Air Force installations are net zero water. This is done using a geospatial information system to determine the volume of water recharging groundwater sources associated with an Air Force installation. This volume is then compared to the consumption of the Air Force installation to determine if their volume of recharge is greater than their consumption making the installation net zero water. From this study it was found that Air Force installations are likely to achieve being net zero water because of their low consumption to land area ratio and that installations at risk of not achieving net zero are those with a low recharge depth and installation area.

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