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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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James W. Dean, PhD


SCA attacks aim to recover some sort of secret information, often in the form of a cipher key, from a target device. Some of these attacks focus on either power-based leakage, or EM-based leakage. Neural networks have recently gained in popularity as tools in SCA attacks. Near-field EM probes with high-spatial resolution enable attackers to isolate physical locations above a processor. This enables attackers to exploit the spatial dependencies of algorithms running on said processor. These spatial dependencies result in different physical locations above a chip emanating different signal strengths. The strengths of different locations can be mapped using the performance of a neural network trained to detect secret information on near-field leakage data. Our contribution uses this mapping to identify ideal near-field leakage collection locations from which to conduct an attack. This paper demonstrates the effectiveness of this technique in reducing the time needed to conduct a successful EM SCA attack.

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