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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Aaron P. Nielsen, PhD


Magnetic navigation (MagNav) has the potential to provide a global form of navigation that uses magnetic measurements of the Earth’s anomaly magnetic field and compares those measurements to a magnetic anomaly map in order to determine the user’s position. Widespread use of MagNav will require a database of fully-sampled, low-altitude magnetic anomaly maps. Existing magnetic anomaly map databases usually come from under- or poorly-sampled surveys. In this work, we provide an easy to follow MagNav anomaly map generation framework and set of survey collection metrics/requirements in an effort to help facilitate and standardize the creation of such a database. We further explore the necessary equipment, sensors, and software algorithms required to conduct a magnetic anomaly survey and generate a map for use with MagNav by generating maps from both simulated and real-world aeromagnetic surveys.

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