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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Joseph R. Huscroft, PhD.


Performance metrics have helped to sustain the Air Force, improve processes, and guided decisions makers through decades of challenges and change. The Air Force continues to change as it faces the challenges of an aging fleet coupled with the tightest budget constraints of modern times. The current metrics employed by the United States Air Force Aircraft Maintenance community have gone largely unchanged over decades despite a host of force altering events. The focus of this research is to evaluate current maintenance metrics and assess the utility of the Balanced Scorecard framework for use in a Maintenance Group. The researcher utilizes a mixed methodology to accomplish this evaluation, including survey research, statistical analysis, content analysis, and correlation analysis. The paper proposes a Maintenance Group Balanced Scorecard based on the analysis of survey responses from Maintenance Officers with Combat Air Forces (CAF) experience. The proposed Balanced Scorecard is comprised of existing, refined, and proposed metrics to measure each perspective category of the Balanced Scorecard, and is intended to help align maintenance metrics with organizational goals/objectives and the strategic goals of Maintenance Groups in CAF units.

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