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Master of Science

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Phillip E. Miller, PhD

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James R. Weeks, PhD


The purpose of this study is to develop an effective educational tool for the Combat Logistics course offered at the Air Force Institute of Technology. The current tool being used, the JPLAN Exercise, was identified as outdated in several areas. The research focused upon four investigative questions what makes an effective educational tool, should the existing exercise be revised or replaced, which logistics principles are essential for incorporation into the educational tool, and is the updated tool significantly different from the original. To answer these questions, we conducted an extensive literature review that focused on two areas. The first area was concerned with accepted educational methods. The second area was concerned with logistics lessons learned from major US conflicts since World War I, as well as current military logistics issues. This information was used to develop a revised JPLAN Exercise. This revised exercise was given to students along with the original exercise. We surveyed the students about differences in value, currency, and realism between the two exercises, as well as their perceived self-efficacy following exposure to each. Recommendations were to begin using the revised JPLAN Exercise in future course offerings, as well as to perform further research.

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Co-authored thesis.

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Presented to the Faculty of the School of Logistics and Acquisition Management of the Air Force Institute of Technology.