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Master of Science

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David K. Vaughan, PhD

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Wayne G. Stone, PhD


This study compares the educational effectiveness of two different methods of teaching three senior-level management courses at the United States Air Force Academy. The first method, known as relational instruction, combined Management Information Systems MIS, Marketing, and Strategic Management into one three hour course worth nine credits. The team of instructors used a variety of delivery methods to present material. The second method of instruction employed single topic courses covering the same three topics as the relational course, taught by single instructors in one hour blocks using mostly lecture to deliver material. The literature review covered Blooms taxonomy of educational objectives, the theory of self-efficacy, and the validity of self-evaluations. A forty item questionnaire was developed based on the Management Departments objectives for senior-level courses. The instrument was administered to all 74 senior management majors in the Academy’s Class of 1994 60 were returned a response rate of 81 . No difference was found between the educational effectiveness of the teaching methods. It was recommended the Department base the continuation or elimination of the relational course on criteria other than educational effectiveness and that the Management Department adopt a more structured approach to experimental courses.

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Presented to the Faculty of the School of Logistics and Acquisition Management of the Air Force Institute of Technology.