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Master of Science


This study investigated the development of a mechanism for use in the evaluation of Software Configuration Management SCM tools. An examination of applicable DoD standards identified the SCM requirements that could be levied on a development contractor, and a literature search revealed the functionality common to various automated tools. These two sets of information were organized into a matrix, and for each requirement that was met, the intersection on the matrix of the requirement and each functionality used to meet that requirement was checked. In addition to the matrix, the mechanism consisted of general information about a given tool and an area to substantiate each requirement identified as being met by the tool. The evaluation mechanism was then used to assess two commercially available SCM tools Aide-De-Camp and the Product Configuration Management System. The evaluation mechanism prescribes a method for evaluating complex SCM tools and forces the evaluator to gain intimate knowledge of a tool to effectively assess the tools merits for a given effort.

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Co-authored thesis.

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