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Master of Science


The Air Force Institute of Technology Admissions/Registrar Directorate (AFIT/RR) has a need to improve and expand services using a smaller operating budget. One promising solution is to eliminate the paperwork required to perform the AFIT/RR functions. To assist AFIT/RR managers in evaluating alternatives, this thesis determines the nature and extent to which a paperless information system affects the productivity of the Air Force Institute of Technology Evaluations and Admissions Division (AFIT/RRE). The DoD definitions of productivity are used in this thesis. Based on these definitions, the hours per unit of work (HPU) is chosen as the measure of productivity. Baseline productivity measures are established by defining the work processes used by AFIT/RRE to accomplish their mission, determining that only a subset of the processes require measuring, and finally measuring the productivity of the selected processes. Next, identified paperless techniques are applied to the current information system to develop a representative paperless information system model. Measurements are remade using the paperless information system model. From comparing and contrasting the two sets of measurements, the extent is determined. The nature to which a paperless information system affects the productivity of the AFIT/RRE is provided by identifying paperless techniques.

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Co-authored thesis.

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Presented to the Faculty of the School of Logistics and Acquisition Management of the Air Force Institute of Technology.