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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Gregory S. Parnell, PhD


This thesis describes the development of an air mission planning algorithm for the Joint Staffs Future Theater Level Model FTLM. The overall problem scope was to develop an algorithm to handle major factors bearing on the combat mission planning problem while providing hook-ups for the FTLM architecture. Other aspects of the problem included finding the appropriate level of detail, developing a fast solving technique, and attempting to use existing data. The problem was handled by using some ideas from existing aircraft allocation algorithms and by adding some new techniques. The proposed air mission planning algorithm supplies the optimum degree of force for campaign objectives by using a linear program LP to allocate the optimum number and type of aircraft and munitions against each target. The LP takes advantage of the force multiplying effects of mass and mutual support through its use of strike packages with SEAD and air-to-air escort. Additionally, a decision tree algorithm determines the best plan in light of the uncertainties of weather and weather forecasts. This air mission planning-algorithm omits many of the details in the actual aircraft tasking process, but provides fast, nearly optimal solutions which should approximate real world tasking results.

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