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Master of Science in Operations Research


Department of Operational Sciences

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James T. Moore, PhD


The Air Force Studies and Analyses Agency sought a method for converting the continuous solution produced by the Arsenal Exchange Model into a feasible integer solution. The current integerization method leaves weapons unused and targets uncovered and could be improved. In the method developed, the noninteger valued variables in the continuous solution are rounded down to the nearest integer to produce a truncated solution. An integer goal program is then used to reallocate the weapons and targets made available in the rounding process. The truncated solution is then combined with the solution of the integer goal program to produce a feasible integer solution for the original problem. The revised solution method, using the LP relaxation of the integer goal program, was implemented in AEM. The implementation was used to solve four test cases. In all four cases, the revised solution method produced solutions that were closer to the continuous solution in terms of damage expectancy, target coverage, and goal performance than the solutions produced by the current method.

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