Brian C. Page

Date of Award


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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Byron M. Welsh, PhD

Second Advisor

Michael C. Roggemann, PhD


This study investigated the technological feasibility of a man- portable satellite laser communications system. Areas of interest were an end- to-end system analysis on the communications link evaluation of atmospheric effects and evaluation of semi-conductor lasers as the laser source. A literature search revealed that satellite laser communication research is primarily directed at inter-satellite links. There have been some proposed systems for space-to-ground laser communications systems, but they all utilize large fixed ground stations. The focus of this research effort is directed at a small man-portable ground station capitalizing on recent advances in semiconductor laser devices. Baseline satellite communication systems were analyzed for both conventional radio frequency systems and a laser communication system. Modifications to the laser communications system were explored, and found to be feasible for some applications. Atmospheric effects were explored and are a major contributor to system degradation. Semiconductor laser sources were evaluated and are currently useful for some satellite laser communication applications.

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