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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Joseph P. Cain, PhD


This thesis effort modeled brigade-sized templates within the CAMEX model, and determined the effects of those templates on the direct fire attrition methodology. The model simulated combat between a U.S. brigade from a mechanized or armored division and a Soviet-style motorized rifle regiment. Three different scenarios were used to simulate combat between the forces. The scenarios included a movement to contact, an attack, and a deliberate defense. Each scenario was run using the battalion-sized templates and again with the brigade-sized templates. The results revealed that use of the model with brigade-sized templates will demonstrate similar results to those obtained using battalion-sized templates. The simulations also demonstrated a possible flaw in the representation of certain weapons systems such as the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. The use of brigade-sized templates shows promise as a way to decrease data entry requirements and speed scenario development. However, the gains are not without costs in terms of lost ability to replicate tactics at the battalion level.

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