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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Charles A. Bleckmann, PhD


This study investigated the alternative methods of wastewater disinfection. Areas of interest included methods of operation, ease of maintenance, and effectiveness for various types of wastewater. A literature search revealed three major disinfection options, which include chlorination dechlorination, ultraviolet light, and ozone. A questionnaire was sent to the active duty Air Force installations that operate wastewater treatment plants, requesting permit limitations and monthly averages for a variety of wastewater parameters. The majority of Air Force wastewater treatment plants use chlorine for disinfection. Using the data obtained from the questionnaire responses and established wastewater parameters from other research, the basic design model equations were manipulated. The results showed that ultraviolet and ozone disinfection are safe alternatives to chlorine, however, ultraviolet systems appear to be better suited for the size and type of wastewater treatment plant that is typical of an Air Force installation.

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