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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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James W. Chrissis, PhD.


War games are routinely analyzed by the Department of Defense to study the players decision making process. This research develops a multicriteria model that enhances a war game players decision-making capability. The war game consists of a hexagonal-grid map of varying terrain that will be represent as a two-dimensional directed network. The network is obstructed by multiple enemy threats that expose a unit traversing the network to possible attack. The player is faced with the decision of choosing a route to a target node that balances the objectives of following the shortest path and maximizing the probability of success. A weighted arc cost matrix is supplied to Dijkstras shortest path algorithm to and an optimal route. Critical values of the ratio of the objective function weights determine where the optimal path changes. These values are determined on a test scenario for the war game The Drive On Metz.

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