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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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James Aldrich, PhD


This study developed data quality standards for assessing environmental analytical data quality and its use in remedial decision making, specifically in risk assessment calculations. The primary purpose was to increase the use of field generated data in environmental site investigations versus the continued reliance on costly and time consuming EPA Contract Lab Program data. Increased reliance on field lab data could significantly reduce remedial investigation costs. The standards developed are based on regulatory criteria for data useability, achievable quality in a CLP lab setting, and basic statistical methods. The standards were applied to sets of Volatile Organic Compound data in water and soil matrices from CLP generated data from one Installation Restoration Program site and field lab generated data from another site. The CLP data failed the test for data useability based on the standards as established where the field generated data performed much better but also had its specific failures. The results of the test of the standards on actual data sets indicate that the standards may be more stringent than necessary. Also seen in the results is a strong performance of field labs in generating data of acceptable quality.

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