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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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James Aldrich, PhD


The Air Force is committed to being a national leader in achieving environmental compliance. This commitment is exemplified by the Air Force Chief of Staffs goal of no 'notices of violation.' This goal, however, has proven to be elusive. In the early 1990s, the number of Air Force notices of violation (NOVs) increased by 73%, from 103 to 178. One of the reasons may be findings from the Environmental Compliance Assessment and Management Program (ECAMP) are not being utilized effectively. This research developed an analysis method to identify root causes of ECAMP findings. The model emphasized the use of performance management standards to evaluate performance based problems by the ECAMP process. The model incorporated motivational theory, job description, and performance analysis to identify these problems. The research also established a relationship between human performance problems and ECAMP findings. The results from the analysis of the external ECAMPs of 33 ACC bases conducted from FY91- FY93 indicated that 79 percent of the ECAMP findings were performance based. Based on the research, it has been concluded that there is a need for methods that use performance management standards to identify causes of ECAMP findings.

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