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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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James Aldrich, PhD


The leadership of the Air Force has established a goal of total environmental compliance because it is the right and necessary thing to do. Commitment to this goal can be accomplished through strong leadership, however, achieving this goal can only be accomplished through effective training. The lack of consistent guidance for developing and executing comprehensive base- level environmental training programs has forced bases to develop these training programs by whatever means available to them. This has resulted in a broad variation in the thoroughness of base-level training programs throughout the Air Force. This research effort investigates the relationship between the thoroughness of base-level environmental training programs and base environmental compliance and identifies training program improvements which will help the Air Force achieve its goal. Existing base-level environmental training programs were graded with a quality score based upon a measurement of the training content and the target audiences' functional level. A statistical correlation between the training quality score and environmental compliance status was assessed in light of other possible influences using an analysis of covariance method. The analysis showed significant potential for improving base- level training and the need for major command policies regarding environmental training of base-level personnel.

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