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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Raymond R. Hill, PhD.


This research develops an Aviation Distance Estimation and Route Planning Tool (ADERPT) that finds least-cost aircraft routing from a designated departure airfield to an arrival airfield for the purposes of mission cost estimation and pre-mission planning. The model network consists of 43 Army airfields and 426 airports in the Contiguous United States (CONUS) with Department of Defense contract fuel. Using the A-Star algorithm and considering aircraft fuel range, ground speed, and refueling time, we determine the refuel locations that result in the most efficient route. Considering the use of both distance and travel time, we compare our model's performance with Dijkstra's algorithm, a greedy heuristic, and existing cost-estimation techniques. The ADERPT also examines the use of a grid-based network for obstacle avoidance in route planning and provides a proof of concept for its potential use as a mission planning tool.

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