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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Multiple model Kalman Filter (KF) techniques are used extensively for Multiple Model Adaptive Estimation (MMAE), Multiple Model Adaptive Control (MMAC), and Distributed Kalman Filter (DKF) applications to determine Bayesian- blended optimal estimates of states, uncertain parameters, and optimal control signals. Multiple model methods are used for sensor management, Failure Detection and Isolation (FDI), and other Guidance and Control (G and C) applications. A simulation tool called the Multiple Model Simulation for Optimal Filter Evaluation (MMSOFE) has been in this research. MMSOFE is based on the well-benchmarked single Kalman filter tool called Multimode Simulation for Optimal Filter Evaluation (MSOFE). MMSOFE is a highly portable and versatile multiple and single Kalman filter evaluation tool. It is capable of performing simulations with one filter or up to 98 elemental filters in a multiple model adaptive filter structure. It can be adapted easily for other multiple model applications. MMSOFE was applied to failure detection and isolation of measurement jamming and spoofing-type failures, similar to jamming and spoofing of a Global Positioning System (GPS). A satellite orbit estimation test case was used.

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